Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've lived a few of them.

My parents created a wonderland of security and comfort through their mutual love for each other and for my sister and me.  While I didn't appreciate it then, as I look back with adult eyes, I marvel at what a perfect childhood I had.  My parents gave me firm roots.  They had a bit of trouble with the wings part, but as a parent, I now appreciate that.

My childhood was my first fairytale life and while my childhood ended, I still, even today, reap the benefits of that life.

My marriage was my next fairytale

Steve and I had a storybook meeting...a blind date that would have never happened had we not been snowed in. the deep south.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Our life followed the true fairytale course...courtship, engagement, marriage, children, career success, etc.  There were "trolls" under some of our life's bridges, a wicked witch with a poison apple and few other dragons to slay to make our marriage work.  With a little bit of fairy dust and a lot of work, we endured.

This fairytale ended with Steve's death.  

Is there another fairytale for my life?  Is God's finger still writing?
I find myself looking so longingly at the pages of my ended story, that I don't think I would see a new story even if the book fell open before me. 
It's hard to move forward when you keep looking back.

I want a new fairytale.
Oh, Lord, what do you have planned for me? 



Anonymous said...

Cindy - you will know when it is right to open your heart again.....

Brenda said...

I hope you have another fairytale and may be as wonderful and unexpected as the first two!

My twisted logic said...


Give sometime fairytale will come again....Take care.


Patti Wilkinson said...

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy, When you least expect it, our precious Father will unfold another fairy tale before your very eyes. Quietly and unknowingly to you, He is at this very moment preparing your heart and mind for that fairy tale. He knows what is right and He knows when it is right. Slowly, surely, you'll no longer look back quite as often. And that's ok. It doesn't mean you've forgotten, only that you're ready to move on to the next chapter of your life...and we must move on so that we may experience what God has planned for us. Rest and Relax in knowing that God's plan is at work in your life. Sweet dreams.