Sunday, March 27, 2011


“Diversify your investments”
~John Templeton

I was asked recently what was one of the great lessons I learned from losing my husband. I knew what my answer was without hesitation: the importance of having a diversified life. Your financial advisor will tell you to diversify your investments, rather than putting all your "eggs in one basket." If one investment is lost, you'll still have others to rely upon.

The same is true in relationships. Certainly the relationship with your spouse should be your primary focus, but it can not, and should not, be your only relationship. I am a mother of three boys, and I lived in a house full of testosternone. My husband knew that not only was time with girl friends beneficial for my mental health, but also the positive tenor of our home. He encouraged me to participate in "girls nights" on a regular basis and to take a yearly trip to the beach with my gal pals....a tradition that has been going on for almost 20 years.

Thus, when my husband passed away, I had a fully developed support system of ladies who, even now, more than eight months later, are ministering to my needs and making me feel included even though I am flying solo. Don't get me family members have been wonderful, especially my mother, sister, and sister-in-law, but they don't live close enough to me to give me the daily encouagement I need.

So, if you haven't already, take the time to invest in friendships with other ladies...they may be your lifeline one day.


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A Myeloma Widow's Journey said...

Hi Cyna. Saw your post on Widowed Village ... welcome to blog world! I've found it very helpful to write things out in a blog since I lost my husband 9/22/10.

Your advice about keeping your girlfriend relationships healthy throughout your marriage is a good one. I didn't do that during my 41 year marriage and I've had to struggle mostly on my own after my husband's passing. I'll get there ... but it would be so much easier to have some gal pals watching my back along the way.