Sunday, March 27, 2011

My First Blog Post

"Cathartic writing is like releasing the gauge of a pressure cooker. It enables you to ventilate and let the steam out, providing all important emotional release."

It's been eight months and 20 days since I lost my husband, Steve. We were married for 29 years and together for 33 years, which is esentially two-thirds of my life. Dealing with the grief from this loss has evoked so many emotions.....depression, sadness, hopelessness, fear, lonliness, helplessness, vulnerability, ah...the list could go on and on...

So, I've chosen to open my heart and put my primal screams on this virtual page. It is my hope that writing about my feelings will give me the emotional release that I need and will help me calmly move on with my life without Steve.


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