Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rain, Fire, and Ferocious Lions

Have you ever heard the saying "one step forward and two steps back"? Well, the past few weeks, I've felt like I couldn't get a break.  Of course, the holidays were hard...so many reminders of what I've lost...and that I'm alone.  But shoveled on top of that was some unexpected news.  The news was not good and I didn't like hearing it.  A whirlwind of emotions engulfed me and I wanted to share my load with another.  I wanted to call my friend and talk about it, but I couldn't.  Then I wanted to call my mother and have her pray with me and for me  - but again, I couldn't.  

So I remained silent.  Silence in adversity is one of the hard lessons I've had to learn in the last 18 months, and this situation was no exception.  I had to hold this "news" in my head and heart and it wasn't easy, but I endured.

And then I realized, if I had I called my friend I would have vented negatively and probably let this news become a festering blister of bitterness.  Had I asked for prayer from my mother, it would have only been because I didn't really believe what God had said was the outcome of this - in spite of what I heard.  So...I remained silent. 

Today I read a comment about complaining - it said complaining was evidence of unbelief.  I thought that was a powerful statement.  Phil. 2:14 tells us to do everything without complaining - complaining is just another way of being negative.  So even though the "news" is out, I am making a decision right now that I am going to choose to NOT complain or even talk about my situation.  I refuse to let this be a chink in my armor where Satan can wiggle his way in my heart and head. I simply have to trust God and know He makes all things right in His time. 
The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust.  The Bible shows us that even the righteous are thrown in the fire and the lion's den.  What sets us apart is our reaction to it.

Father, continue to help me choose to be set apart, no matter how hard it rains, how hot the fire, or how hungry the lions.


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