Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's a new year.  Day one.  I wanted to start off the new year with a bang, but since I stayed in the bed all day and didn't get out of my pajamas, I'd say I pretty much fizzled.

But that is the great thing about living to see another sunrise...I get a fresh do-over every day.

I've listed aimlessly since my husband's death.  First, it was survival...then finding a semblance of order...and now I'm facing the reality that the direction of my life is all up to me.  It's time to find direction...a goal...a reason...a purpose.

I'm looking for purpose.  Real purpose.  God left me here for a purpose.  That is going to be my word for the year PURPOSE.

Maybe I'm destined to be an aging widow teacher the rest of my life.
If so, let me the BEST aging widow teacher around.

But deep in my spirit, I know God has more for me.

Father, I pray that in this new year you will reveal to me my purpose...
and that I have the eyes of my heart open so that I can see Your plan.


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Teach5th said...

Praying for you! Please know that your energy and smile is an inspiration daily. Love you! Thanks for being a blessing to us and your students!
Brittney Hamrick