Monday, August 8, 2011


A soulmate is someone who will make you be the most "you" that you can possibly be.

I grew up in a wonderful home with loving, supportive parents.  It was just my sister and brothers.  Needless to say, my father was VERY protective.  He never let us drive out of our city...or pump our own gas...or not know exactly where we were at all times.  When I left on a date, Daddy would hand me a dime (yes, I'm showing my age) for me to call if I needed him.

I did not marry a man like my father.  My father was husband was spontaneous.  My father always had a husband planned as he went.  My father husband spent.  About the only things they had in common were their drive, their work ethic, and their love for me.

My husband, Steve, gave me my wings.  He nudged me out of my comfort zone...challenged my ideas...and made me look at things from different perspectives.  All the daring and wonderful things I have done in my life have been because my husband either encouraged me or shoved me into them.  He required that I be independent...and I can never remember him telling me "no" to anything I wanted to try.  

Though I couldn't see it when he died, now, a year later, I can see that Steve prepared me to live without him.  He made me make decisions, believe in what I wanted, and chart a course of direction for my life.  

He helped me be me...
And I like who I am...
That's what a soulmate does.



Anonymous said...

You are an amazing woman Mrs. Lynch. I love reading your post! I think of you often and pray for you daily!

Pam said...

God is so awesome that he sends you a husband that will prepare you for the future.
As I've been through a serious surgery and recovery, I've learned to appreciate my precious husband who has waited on me without one complaint. That is true intimacy in my book.....through sickness and in health.
Thank you for your blog. I look to them each week.
Love you very much!
Thanks for your card and your prayers:)
Much Love,