Wednesday, October 5, 2011

God Wink

Saturday is a watershed night for me.  After 6 months of practice...costume and shoe purchases, eyelash extensions and a fake tan...I will perform on stage in our local Rotary Club's "Dancing With Our Stars" fund raiser for children's literacy.  

I was stunned to be asked to be a "star."  I have no ballroom dancing experience and I don't have a "high profile" in our community.  However, one of the organizers is a friend and she thought this challenge was just what I needed to get "the light back in my eyes."

I was blessed to be paired with a pro who was a patient, kind, and gentle teacher.  I was anxious about being touched, and he graciously waited until I was ready.  After several months without touching he finally said, "You know...eventually, we DO have to touch...close your eyes and dance."  And did I dance!  

We are dancing the samba and while every step isn't perfect, we really have a good time out there shaking our stuff.  I hope we do well Saturday, but even if we come in dead last, this has been a winning experience for me.

I've fallen in love with ballroom dancing.  I began taking a ballroom dancing continuing education class last night through the local university to expand and fine tune my skills.   It was a little awkward because I didn't have a partner and I felt that sinking sensation of being alone in a couples world again.  Then they played the first song to teach us the waltz, "With You I'm Born Again" by  Billy Preston and Syreeta Wright.

That song was sung at my wedding.
And it felt like Steve was saying..."Go for it baby!"
It was a God wink for sure.

I'm going for it, Steve.
I hope I make you proud.



Dianne said...

I love this, Cyna. A God wink for sure. So excited for you to have found this unexpected joy - and I can't wait to hear how Saturday night goes. Hope you'll include some photos! Best of luck to you.

sue said...

there is nothing like moving your body to the eddies and flows of music--what a wonderful opportunity to express your love for Steve and for Life! I 'just know' it 'll be a wonderful experience for you!