Friday, August 12, 2011


I never realized how broad my husband's shoulders were until he was gone.  He cradled my head in the crook of his shoulder and I would nuzzle in comfort in the hollows of his neck.  I felt safe there...harbored from all the hazards of life.  He carried all the real weight in our marriage.  While I felt so helpful doing this and that, too late have I realized how trivial were the things I did compared to what he did.  

Now, I shoulder life alone.  
No comforting hollows to make me feel safe.
No help with the heavy load of life.

How am I going to do this without him?



Mike Couch said...

I have faith that you will do just fine. I have seen that you are a very strong person and I admire you!

Kathy said...


I, also, lost my husband of 31 years a little over 1 year agao. He passed away suddenly while training for a triathalon. A friend forwarded your blog on to me. You've managed to take a lot of what are my jumbled thoughts and feelings and put them to word. I simply want to say thank you.