Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rx for the Blues

I do not claim to be an expert on grief; but I am an expert on my own grief…if one exists.  We all find our own path on this sad journey.  We cope in different ways, for different lengths of time, with different avenues for help. 

You can’t avoid grief.  It stalks you, like a wolf, ready to pounce at the most unexpected moments.  Even when days are going well, I will have moments that make my throat tighten, my stomach knot, and my eyes fill with tears.   I’m always blindsided by them, but they, fortunately, pass quickly.

Then there are days or even weeks of days that the weight of grief makes every move painful.  There are triggers I have come to recognize.  I can’t avoid them, but I have found some things that make me smile even on these bleak days…

  • three Gerber daisies in a tall vase
  • a Route 44 diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic
  • sleeping on sun-dried sheets
  • a good gab fest with loyal friends
  • an unexpected card of encouragement in the mail
  • one of my students doing or saying something kind or appreciative
  • singing praises, either in the solitude of my car or with the church choir
  • frozen yogurt with fresh berries
  • getting a steal of a bargain at Ross
  • holding an infant and kissing their head
  • a call or email from a far-away friend
  • a made-up bed
  • a clean kitchen
  • a lazy day in bed reading a good book
  • a nap
  • painting a picture of my feelings through words
  • watching a chic flick with my “besties”
  • a trip…to pretty much anywhere
  • a massage
  • a bike ride on a beautiful day
  • taking photos of unique things


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